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Welcome to Paul T. Morin, P.C., where Austin attorney Paul T. Morin represents individuals with litigation needs including criminal defense and personal injury. When you have been injured, face criminal charges, or have another legal matter on your hands, you need someone you can trust to work hard on your behalf. Let Paul Morin take up your care, provide tireless defense and help you find the best outcome.

Practice Areas

Austin Attorney Paul Morin welcomes anyone from Central Texas with a legal matter to contact the firm. The attorney takes all types of litigation cases including criminal defense, DUI, personal injury, family, employment, and real estate. The attorney has successfully helped clients move forward with matters including:

  • Buying a home
  • Proving paternity
  • Getting divorced
  • Beating a DUI charge
  • Getting criminal charges dismissed or reduced
  • Fighting wrongful termination
  • Proving negligence or breach of contract
  • Winning a personal injury lawsuit after an auto accident, slip and fall,, dog bite, or other matter

With any practice matter, clients can expect Attorney Morin to bring 30 years of experience trying cases in the Central Texas area. The attorney knows how to coach clients for preparing testimony, advise clients on best outcomes, find witnesses to corroborate testimony, and negotiate with third parties.

How an Austin Litigation Attorney Can Help You

It is only natural that you feel nervous or stressed out when you have a problem that requires legal handling. When a legal need arises, whether you are initiating the matter or defending your name, the best course of action is to hire an attorney to advocate for you.

An attorney in Austin can negotiate with the other lawyer while keeping your best interests in mind. When you are involved in a legal dispute, seeing clearly and working toward resolution can be impossible. There is too much at stake for you. Yet often it’s helpful for your situation to discuss things with the other side. You may be able to settle the matter and avoid litigation, diminish the seriousness of a criminal allegation, or settle a family law matter peaceably. Rather than try to represent yourself in a legal matter, hire a lawyer.

If you seek an Austin litigation lawyer, Attorney Morin is here to help. Discuss your legal matter with the attorney and learn the available options in a free new client consultation. Reserve your free consultation with the attorney today by calling the firm at  512-499-8200.

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